The old kingdoms were corrupt: worshiping false gods and obsessed with magic. In the height of their decadence, their magic failed them, and they brought the Great Cataclysm upon not only themselves, but the whole world. It was only by the Grace of the Seven that the world was saved from destruction and ruination.

—The First Testament of the Saviors 1:1-3

Six Things to Know About Agerrin

  1. The World Suffered a Cataclysm 1000 Years Ago. Although the cause is a mystery, it is widely believed that the powerful magic used by the Old Kingdom is to blame. The Seven Saviors are credited with containing the Cataclysm, and preventing a wave of destruction from spreading too far.
  2. The Dominion of the Saviors is Virtually Absolute. The Seven are worshiped across Agerrin. Their church and various religious orders control nearly every aspect of life. Controlling the armies, governments, and cities, the Church of the Saviors is distrustful of all non-humans and does not tolerate heresy or apostasy on pain of death. Only one free city remains, Antartis, on the far side of the Gan Rath desert.
  3. Arcane Magic is Forbidden. Using the Great Cataclysm as justification, the Church of the Saviors has banned arcane magic. In the years following the Cataclysm, members of the clergy, especially those of the fifth Savior, Thanatos, hunted down all practitioners of magic, those with magical knowledge, and even those believed to have innate magical power. Referred to as “the Cleansing,” this bloody period lasted for nearly a half century.
  4. The Burwin Hide in their Mountain Homes. The Burwin (more commonly “dwarves”) were once close allies to the Old Kingdom. However, the Church of the Saviors distrusts them. Burwin merchants are closely watched and searched for magic smuggling, and are only tolerated because of their access to rare metals the Church would otherwise not have access to.
  5. The Barbaric Gnome Tribes Bear the Chains of Slavery. Perhaps they were once prideful and independent, but for the last few centuries the gnomes of the Gan Rath have had their tribes sundered and way of life destroyed by slavers and Church expeditions. Most have given up resistance and in some cases entire tribes bear themselves into slavery only so they will not be separated.
  6. The Mysterious Umi are Forbidden from Stepping Foot on the Mainland. Nearly five centuries ago, sea-faring elves, calling themselves Umi, made landfall on Agerrin. While their mistake was innocent, the Church of the Saviors swiftly and relentlessly attacked, pushing the Umi back into the sea. A form of truce was established that allowed limited trade. Ten years ago this truce ended with a new conflict between the Church and the Umi. Church authorities seized a vessel, the Pelican, allegedly loaded with magical contraband, and immediately sank it along with the crew. So began the Pelican war, a brief series of naval battles, ending in another Church victory.


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