Éadrom ór Thintrí - Entry 1

I woke in a haze. Dust and sweat stung my eyes, body frail as if an immense weight had be placed on it pulling at my every muscle. With exhaustion set in and my senses dulled, I attempted to move, only to find my legs locked in place by an unknown force. With each attempt I could feel my legs more as a sharp sense of pain shot up from my shins.

As the fog of my senses began to lighten, a soft amber glow washed before my eyes. While blinded by this soft glow I overheard the sounds of voices though the words were lost to me a certain fear came over me and I stood still. The voice first soft and unknown turned into whispers and I was able make out but a fraction of what was exchanged. At this point, the clouded picture of seven forms were before me. Unable to move and still feeling the effects of this mysterious exhaustion I called out to these unknown beings.

It was at this time that I realize, I did not know where, who or what I was. As a new born from birth all that came to my mind were the essentials, breathe and keep breathing. Words came slowly and with some difficulty and I feared these unknown would be rescuers would soon turn into sure-fire attackers out of fear of some rambling man. It is at this time when the words of the rather stout man rang in my ears, “lie, kill”. I panicked. With all my might I tried to free myself from what imprisoned my legs. An indescribable pain shot threw my body and as my constitution wavered I could feel myself go sick with pain. Fighting to hold back this sickness I collapsed, resulting in even more pain than before as the scent of blood began to fill my nose as my face smacked against sharp jagged rocks.

What a sight I must have been…legs locked in this crystalline structure bent over at a ninety degree angle face down in what appeared to be the shattered pieces of the same structure. With tears and cries for mercy I swore to give all I had for freedom from this cursed place.

Whether from pity or personal gain, I do not know, nor do I care, but this stout man decided to show me compassion in my time of need. A deed I do not take lightly.

In a blinding flash and a thundering crack the crystal around me shattered. Intense pain shot through my body as the shards cut past me. With a thud I struck the cold floor, fiery red blood began to form around me seeping from the hundreds of lacerations the crystal had tolled. As I laid among the fragmented shards I found solace in the chill of the floor, soothing the pain. I was free.

As the moments pasted, a dark realization took me. I could recall nothing… Like the stones at the base of a great waterfall, pounded free of all the experiences and history that once made up the rock. The moss, cracks and chips all that made it unique washed away until now all that remains is the core. It is a stone as it always will be but no more, and so I am the rock, a blank slate of a man.

I began to panic, a tiny bad thought opened the gates a torrent wave of emotions. Fear, despair, doubt “Who were these people? Had they come to kill me?” The wounds about my body gave raise to this hysteria leaving me scrambling a foot and grasping for arms. My breathing rapid and sharp I backed away, tripping and staggering across the shards, spewing idol threats at my would be assailants. My vision blurred as I backed against the wall, I faltered. The last I recall, the cold embrace of the stone floor once again….

-998 SR, 17th day of Summer
Éadrom ór Thintrí

Drakewell's Journal Entry 1

17th day of summer of the year 998 p.c.;
Last week this older Burwin, Duin, comes into my shop and asks if I would like to join his expedition, for my unique skill set. Given as you well know my old and dear friend I’ve been stuck in this forsaken town for four long years and even longer since I have smiled the ocean air and felt in beneath my feet and seen Rei or Serenity. I took Duin up on his offer and the reword it may begin. Now thinking on it even when this expedition is over I might be leaving Cloverdale for good no matter what even if Duin can’t get me in; also I did see the past again and she did say when I did I would know… Anyways we left for this expedition, with Duin and five others, and a week later with no inclination of what we were looking for, from the tightest lip Burwin I have ever might, by pure happenstance we have found I cave that had more than a few wild animals in it.
In this cave we found an ancient stone doorway with the words “Cloverdale outpost sovereign nation of Ríocht” written in old common on the door. After ten or so, somewhat embarrassing on my part, minutes of trying to open the door we finely did. Inside we found a crystal with what seemed to be a man inside it, when Duin shattered the crystal there stood before us a man. Confused and disorientated he only spoke old common which has been a dead language for over a thousand years and yet another member of our party could speak it fluently; who is this young man and who is this Alyssandra Antonev. Yet still more question have been raised another of the party that have been assembled has an holy symbol that I have never seen before, neither Saviors or Umi, yet I have found the same symbol on of skeletons we’ve found. Is this on of the fabled gods of the old kingdom? So many questions and they don’t end there what is this strange amber like crystal that encased the man we found and on his sword he had was written “To my son Éadrom.” So is this man’s name is Éadrom, he says he cannot remember anything before now. All my life I have search of answers to who I am and what happened before the Cataclysm, all I can do now is hope this path I have chosen will provide my answers; good night old friend.

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Drakewell's Journal Entry 9 part 2

(Written in Umi)
As we started down the long column of bookcases we lit one of the touches lining the bookcases they all started to light one by one with a pop. As we came to the center of the room with found it to be a lager circle room with two doors and threaten open arcs. The two doors one was the one that we came from and the other was a very lager iron double doors of massive weight. The threaten arcs had an inscription over the top of them saying:
4.____________-Ancient medicine
5.____________-Ancient serpents

We lost track of Vedma so we split-up to find her. I went in to the door that said magic and Mup and Eadrom went to royalty chamber. As I entered the magic chamber I found Vedma combing through the books and getting angry by each book she though aside that was not the one she was looking for. So I started to look through the books finding two books that had a strong hold on me through I could not read them. Than about an hour into my search when Mup came in and said to come, Eadrom had found something. As we came into the main chamber and in the center one of the center flour stones was lifted out of place and old wooden later laid far down below the library as we found Eadrom he was in a chamber that had what seemed to be coffin and a second portal that was sealed in many ways. As we entered the chamber were Eadrom was a glimmer appeared to us and started to speak in Riocht so I could not understand it, but the face of the man look so much like the man in my dreams, the man I believe was my grandfather. However when the glimmer appeared Eadrom called him Armen, when the glimmer stop talking, it was very emotional, I asked Eadrom what he said as I was becoming ever more distorted. When he told me I sore to him that I would help him in whatever way I could. We tried to open the other portal but nothing would work. However Eadrom open the coffin with his bold and found a letter addressed to Eadrom and a map Agerrin. When I ask him what it said he said that there was a volt some were in the outland of Agerrin. After we finished we headed back up to the library Eadrom went to find Vadma and I and Mup went to the spells chamber. I found one spell book in the hour that we were in there. After that we headed in to the main chamber.

As we entered the main chamber of the library a cleric Thanatos entered the library and we did battle she had some sort of cloning bids and soon we outnumbered browned any hope of winner as we started to fall back Eadrom stead to by us time or he was hoping he could beat them either way it bout us the time to get the main door open it took a lot of strength to open it. As we begin to exit there was a magical portal at the end of the hall, I called back to Eadrom to run when I look back the clone clerics had started to cast a circle magic and when Eadrom got to the door, the clerics summand something that looked like a showedwalker. As we exited through the portal the showedwalker followed us though but as soon as daylight hit it the walker ran back into the mountain. Even through I’m worried that the walker might still come after us. However my mind is not on the walker, but on how much Armen look like him, my grandfather and what Eadrom said about Arman was the cause of the cataclysm, but also stop it. Something else Eadrom said that as a child that Eadrom said how things were post-to-be, that started to make me think that Armen was trying to alter causality, I was always told to alter time was the very abuse of power that led to the downfall of the mages and why people fear us in the first place, it is too great of power for one man or even an entire people to have and yet what if I could go back and changes things. No, we cannot change time for our own personal and selfish reason that would be an abuse of power. There are only two things that we can control and really matter in our lives either we are good or evil and to change time for personal of selfish reason is truly an evil act and even if it was not it would only lead to more abuse of power like the Saviors have done. I have many things to think about tonight my old friend, good night.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 9 part 1

The last time I write we were in some time of trail hall would be the best way of putting it. After the last two trails had been completed, this bought Éadrom much annoyance. With two more items appeared in the main chamber and some type of portal opened after the last trail and we were taking out of the shadow realm to another plane, similar to the material plane, and were in some kind of anti-chamber with only one doorway in the anti-chamber. As we open the door I fall to my knees at the sight of what I say; a old library in a decaying state.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 8

For the last five days I’ve just not been in the shadow realm but I’ve been slid in a room with Vedma and Mup. Mup I can get along with fine, but Vedma I want to kill what place she has brought us to is unknown and to my best attempts I cannot understand this language is could take the rest of my life. It does not help that Vedma blames our current condition on me, so I and Vedma have gotten into to some pity big fights which ends up with me so mad that I’m speaking in Umi out of habit. If Eadrom had not come when he did we might have killed each other. With the help of Eadrom we were able to pass the test and two other each time a gift was left at the stature. However the last test left us weak and I hope Eadrom will have the wisdom to rest for a bit. Good night old friend.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 7

As we continued our journey we traveled into the foothills south of Hestur. It was a good day of travel and we were almost out of the foothills that day as well, the weather turned to the worst, so it was a good that we we in the foot hill on top of a hill and not at the bottom of the foothills being carried away buy the rain fall, o how I miss the good old days with Oskar. When light brook the next day we say a trill of blood leading into the frost I , Kaidree and Beren went to take a look we’ve found a pack of wolves and dispatch them with easy, so that the next group of travelers would not have to deal with them, but we’ve found something of much more importunes. It was a lager compound of some-sorts but in the side of a hill from and it was old, very, very old, and was a great find as well was marvels we found in there and not to mention the undead that have to become quit accretive in the past five or so years, which has given be pause. As we’ve retuned to the wagons we say Vedma couch driven in circles, as we approached to ask what was going on Mup and Duin put their fingers to the mouth, we all got on the wagon as Beren toke the coach and we traveled on. I ask Duin what he and Mup were doing and what he told me was the most funny thing I had ever head, that Vedam had woken up ask were we were and demanded that we start right away, and than went back to sleep so they started to drive the coach around in circles and she was none of the wiser as I got a good laugh out of it even Duin give a small smack to that one after hearing it for himself.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 6

Were to start on this entry were in did, I think at the lest time I left off. As we entered the basement of the old tower we found things that I can not recall here and now. However we found some people that may be of help in the days to come, but even that can not be sad there was a gain both in knowledge and power. To what events toke place beyond that I can not say. As we got back to the wagon and Vedma’s coach we found Vedma standing there yelling about how we toke a full day to look at some old tower saying that there was nothing of worth there. I’m starting to think that this Vedma is nothing more than a over growing child that have been hiding in fear and let other do everything for her. Her clam that she is a seeker of knowledge I’m starting to question as well, her clam that nothing was in the tower of note and yet there was a great deal of note unless she does know and does not considers of note and then she is a fool, and great fool to underestimate us. After that we began to travel for the day we were attack by very lager fly chickens or cockatrice. After that I do not know the next thing I remember is waking up in Hestur the lest time I was in Hestur was ages ago I from the looks of it I just missed the horse races of all the luck, dame.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 5

This Vedma is starting worry me a great deal and the more she doesn’t tall us the more on-guard I become. As we told Duin and the others about this woman’s the more questions I had about her and the most nagging is how she became a patron of the Binteror clan one of the most if not the most influential clans in Kart Mord-dir, hell I even partitioned to them long ago. However the others did agree to meet her and disguises the terms of this deal if you could call it that. As we went to the Binteror Clan home we found out that only two of us would be allowed to go and speak to this so could Lady Vedma. So Beren and Duin went in to speak to her and when the came back out Beren said that he accept her offer, but Duin said nothing so we agreed to go back to Duin’s home and talk this over. As we got back to Duin’s home we found out that she would not pay us but we finally came to a consensus that we would slept any treasure we find amongst each other, but yet we still know not were we were going which bug me a great deal. For the rest of the day we went to the market to buy supplies we needed and a made an order for a book.

The next day we went to the courtyard to loud up the cart and finish papering for the trap, when a Burwin trade caravan came in what happened next was quiet a surprisers. A white dragon brook out of a crate and started to kill the Burwin trades. We fought it till it was laying drying on the ground, but Beren refused to kill it for some reason and the Burwin guards toke it away. They said as a reword we could have what was left in the wagon, and it was quiet a bit. However Mup and Beren were quiet badly hurt in the battle, but we started our journey anyways. the next two days went on with out any problems and we were harding west now, till that night. Well I was on watch a ogre came up to the camp as I yelled to wake every one and prepared my self for the battle well… lets just say the ogre trap, fall and knock itself out. So I ran over and put a blot in the back of it’s neck and kill on the spot. By this time every one was awake and saying what a great job I did, Beren on the other hand said why I killed it when it was helpless as we tried to tall him that it would have killed us all if we did act first he just went back into his tent. At this I have become quiet worried about the him and the surveil of just not the group, but of him as well, he may be more importune than any of us.

The next day was easy travel till we came upon a flame about a mail off the road and stop to inquire, at this time Vedma came out of her coach for the first time during the trap and ask why we had stopped as we told he she said that she would go with us. So we left Kaidree and Mup to watch over the coach and cart and set off when we got their we found a fire elemental run of floating around a price of worked stone as we approached it attack and we dissipated it with ease. As were look at the stone it appeared to have been lunched or throwing a great dissents, but found nothing else so we harried back and continued on. That night on first watch I sptred another flame and told the others as they came on watch. So the next day we went to inquire about it, however Vedma said it was a not worth our time and stayed with the cart and her coach with Mup as we toke off for it. Much the same thing happened when we came upon it we fought it with easy, but this time it had started a fire in the fields and we rushed to put it out. As we look around thinking it was a dead end we say about a mail or two away the remains of a tower that the stone had came from.

As we approached it we found it had been blowing up as it would have seemed, and all the reminded was the base of the tower and the stone doors. As we translated it said this was the tower of Ogon a great conjurer of the last part I could not translated. As we entered the tower we say only ruble, however as we look around Kaidree founded a trapdoor under a huge stone. We recovered the stone and opened the trapdoor we most have broken a ward and two water elementals appeared the fight drew out for some time, but we dispraised them finally. As we went down the trapdoor I fleet some small part of power retrying to me that I had lost long ago.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 4

As we exited the council chamber Duin was their to offer us to stay at his home, but as soon as he did Duin and Beren got into a argument about what Duin had keep from him. As the argument cooled down Duin took us to his home in Krat Mord-dir and offered us…well…a storage closet to stay in, at least for Beren, Mup, and myself. As Beren went to get some rest, Duin asked what we would like to eat as he said that Kaidree went off explaining a dish. As she finished Duin went off to started cooking, I went to see if Beren wanted something to eat, but he said nothing and I left him to his thoughts.

I have to say this for Duin’s cooking: it’s like all Burwin cooking, odd, but good. Of course any one who saw this Burwin dish, a large mound of bread with mushrooms growing out and beer juice inside, however it was quiet good. Beren did not join us for dinner however, after Duin and Kaidree went to bed, Mup and dinner did not agree with each other and I put him to bed with a large stone bucket as I cleaned up the mess. The next day I awake to see that everyone was awake and up before me, but Duin, so I went to wash but found something I had only heard about. It was a shower, many Burwin always said that humans didn’t know how to clean up, and they were right. After we ate our early meal we went to the Archives of Krat Mord-dir to help Beren find some clues to his past, and in doing so, I my found some of my own. As we found the books that we were looking for and were just starting to enjoy ourselves three Bruwin were coming up to us, well armed and armored.

As they came at us, all they said was that they were repaying a debt to the Thintrí line. As the first blow was struck, it went clean through Duin. When this happened I know I could not hold back any longer. The battle was over in only a minute or so and we were able to save Duin when the guards arrived. Duin told them that they were Dragon Cultists and the took them away. We were able to continue and Kaidree took Duin back to his home. As the hours went by, a young woman came out of the from among the bookcases, her name was Vedma and offered us a job of sorts; to take her to a lost human library that she know the location of. All she asked of us was to be her bodyguards on the surface, and we would partake in the knowledge that we would find. Beren told her that we would think it over with the others of our group, and left as she told us were she could be found. I went on reading when Beren asked me to compare him to a picture of Éadrom ór Thintrí, the resemblance was uncanny and I was certain that they were the same person. However, I did not say it, all I told him was that he did look like him. I did learn a few things about Armen Thoonbade, that will come in handy I think. This well be quite the little adventure I think my friend.


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