Éadrom ór Thintrí - Entry 1

I woke in a haze. Dust and sweat stung my eyes, body frail as if an immense weight had be placed on it pulling at my every muscle. With exhaustion set in and my senses dulled, I attempted to move, only to find my legs locked in place by an unknown force. With each attempt I could feel my legs more as a sharp sense of pain shot up from my shins.

As the fog of my senses began to lighten, a soft amber glow washed before my eyes. While blinded by this soft glow I overheard the sounds of voices though the words were lost to me a certain fear came over me and I stood still. The voice first soft and unknown turned into whispers and I was able make out but a fraction of what was exchanged. At this point, the clouded picture of seven forms were before me. Unable to move and still feeling the effects of this mysterious exhaustion I called out to these unknown beings.

It was at this time that I realize, I did not know where, who or what I was. As a new born from birth all that came to my mind were the essentials, breathe and keep breathing. Words came slowly and with some difficulty and I feared these unknown would be rescuers would soon turn into sure-fire attackers out of fear of some rambling man. It is at this time when the words of the rather stout man rang in my ears, “lie, kill”. I panicked. With all my might I tried to free myself from what imprisoned my legs. An indescribable pain shot threw my body and as my constitution wavered I could feel myself go sick with pain. Fighting to hold back this sickness I collapsed, resulting in even more pain than before as the scent of blood began to fill my nose as my face smacked against sharp jagged rocks.

What a sight I must have been…legs locked in this crystalline structure bent over at a ninety degree angle face down in what appeared to be the shattered pieces of the same structure. With tears and cries for mercy I swore to give all I had for freedom from this cursed place.

Whether from pity or personal gain, I do not know, nor do I care, but this stout man decided to show me compassion in my time of need. A deed I do not take lightly.

In a blinding flash and a thundering crack the crystal around me shattered. Intense pain shot through my body as the shards cut past me. With a thud I struck the cold floor, fiery red blood began to form around me seeping from the hundreds of lacerations the crystal had tolled. As I laid among the fragmented shards I found solace in the chill of the floor, soothing the pain. I was free.

As the moments pasted, a dark realization took me. I could recall nothing… Like the stones at the base of a great waterfall, pounded free of all the experiences and history that once made up the rock. The moss, cracks and chips all that made it unique washed away until now all that remains is the core. It is a stone as it always will be but no more, and so I am the rock, a blank slate of a man.

I began to panic, a tiny bad thought opened the gates a torrent wave of emotions. Fear, despair, doubt “Who were these people? Had they come to kill me?” The wounds about my body gave raise to this hysteria leaving me scrambling a foot and grasping for arms. My breathing rapid and sharp I backed away, tripping and staggering across the shards, spewing idol threats at my would be assailants. My vision blurred as I backed against the wall, I faltered. The last I recall, the cold embrace of the stone floor once again….

-998 SR, 17th day of Summer
Éadrom ór Thintrí



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