Drakewell's Journal Entry 1

17th day of summer of the year 998 p.c.;
Last week this older Burwin, Duin, comes into my shop and asks if I would like to join his expedition, for my unique skill set. Given as you well know my old and dear friend I’ve been stuck in this forsaken town for four long years and even longer since I have smiled the ocean air and felt in beneath my feet and seen Rei or Serenity. I took Duin up on his offer and the reword it may begin. Now thinking on it even when this expedition is over I might be leaving Cloverdale for good no matter what even if Duin can’t get me in; also I did see the past again and she did say when I did I would know… Anyways we left for this expedition, with Duin and five others, and a week later with no inclination of what we were looking for, from the tightest lip Burwin I have ever might, by pure happenstance we have found I cave that had more than a few wild animals in it.
In this cave we found an ancient stone doorway with the words “Cloverdale outpost sovereign nation of Ríocht” written in old common on the door. After ten or so, somewhat embarrassing on my part, minutes of trying to open the door we finely did. Inside we found a crystal with what seemed to be a man inside it, when Duin shattered the crystal there stood before us a man. Confused and disorientated he only spoke old common which has been a dead language for over a thousand years and yet another member of our party could speak it fluently; who is this young man and who is this Alyssandra Antonev. Yet still more question have been raised another of the party that have been assembled has an holy symbol that I have never seen before, neither Saviors or Umi, yet I have found the same symbol on of skeletons we’ve found. Is this on of the fabled gods of the old kingdom? So many questions and they don’t end there what is this strange amber like crystal that encased the man we found and on his sword he had was written “To my son Éadrom.” So is this man’s name is Éadrom, he says he cannot remember anything before now. All my life I have search of answers to who I am and what happened before the Cataclysm, all I can do now is hope this path I have chosen will provide my answers; good night old friend.



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