Drakewell's Journal Entry 1 part 2

As I light came over Cloverdale I had already went after the this man and a boy who left the city. It took me half the day running though fields, frost, and carves to chatting up to them. When I finally found them the man was talking to an orc as the converse I leaned that he had no memories of himself or this world, and came out of a crystal formation. When a woman came into view and called the man, Beren, and Beren, calls out the woman’s name, Kaidree. As Kaidree get ready to fire her bow Beren stops her and try to talk to the orc. The orc tells that the crystals holds memories of the past and his tribe can see into the memories. This picks both our intestacy but does nothing for Kaidree who seems to wont to loss her arrow. As the parley ends Kaidree is talk down by Beren, not to kill the orc. However this angers Kaidree a great deal and we levers the carvers.



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