Drakewell's Journal Entry 2

As we exited the Craves we head off for Cloverdale, the truck was silent as we reflect on the days events and Kaidree look upset not at me, that’s more disgusted at me, but at Beren and a bit disappointed. As night fall we made camp in a small clearing as we sit up camp i tryed to get to know Beren and Kaidree, but there was not much Beren could tall me for he has lost most of his memories and Kaidree is like talking to myself. When we all went to bad it was a in silence, as we slept I find myslef in a both in a inn and Beren, Kaidree, and the boy were siting with me, but I could not awake than Beren said something: “This most be a dream”. Than it came to me the stone, the darken stone, this is how they see the memories, the knowledge, and it a shared dream at that, so the stone can affect many people at one time as well. However this I did not tall to any on for it would not help right than so I keep silent and Kaidree was already blaming me for this, so better not add to the fire.

A few minute late we left the inn and the bartender called us over to the bar and gave us weapons that appeared to be ours, and than a second thought came to me the orc said it was like you were living someone’s memory. As were exited the inn Beren ask were we were and the ever on in the inn said “Cloveredale!”. When we left the inn it was not midday yet so we went to look around the town that was said to be Cloverdale, as we walk to the center of town we found out it was Cloverdale. However I came to the conclusion of this must be the Cloverdale of the past, and it was the day of the Four Winds Festival, which I never heard of and the King was to make a appearance as well. A king there were only rumors of a king long ago almost a thousand years ago. So I ran for a library which was more of a surprises than a king in some ways. What I learned their gave me my answer that yes this was the past because yes there was a king and the town was only founded 50 years ago, and magic was used openly, and that I could not find anything about the Church of the Savior, but yet another god called Helen. This answers only lead to more questions, like way is this not in any history book, how long ago was this, and may others, but maybe the most impotent what is the Church of the Savior trying to hide that is in the past.

As I returned to the festival I sit down with the others and thought over what I have found. As the festival started we had a drink or two with a rather odd, good looking, but odd girl that seems to like to dink a lot. However as the festival went on we all seem to loosing up and seem to be have a good time. I took the boy to the games and Beren and Kairdee went to dance, we mate up at the games and Beren won a white rose for her. After that we went and eat, than as the festival was ending for the day the king made his appearance, his name was Cosantóir ór Thintrí, as he was giving his speech a blot hit him in the chest. As this happened Beren spot the assassin and we ran after the man. As we ran after him on the steats he jumped from roof top to roof till,but he missed his footing as he tried to lead on a roof. After he fall we tried to fight him, but were beaten down and killed. As we were killed in the dream we awake. However the boy did not, knowing not what could be done for him, one of us would take him into Cloverdale to find help. However just as we pick up the boy he awake, after we put the boy back to sleep we talk over the dream for a bit than as we were going to sleep, than two man came out of the forest. However we say them and knock them out. We tired them up after the wake up Beren question them by himself. This morning we about to got a move on for Cloverdale so this is were a leave off for the day till next time my old friend.



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