Drakewell's Journal Entry 4

As we exited the council chamber Duin was their to offer us to stay at his home, but as soon as he did Duin and Beren got into a argument about what Duin had keep from him. As the argument cooled down Duin took us to his home in Krat Mord-dir and offered us…well…a storage closet to stay in, at least for Beren, Mup, and myself. As Beren went to get some rest, Duin asked what we would like to eat as he said that Kaidree went off explaining a dish. As she finished Duin went off to started cooking, I went to see if Beren wanted something to eat, but he said nothing and I left him to his thoughts.

I have to say this for Duin’s cooking: it’s like all Burwin cooking, odd, but good. Of course any one who saw this Burwin dish, a large mound of bread with mushrooms growing out and beer juice inside, however it was quiet good. Beren did not join us for dinner however, after Duin and Kaidree went to bed, Mup and dinner did not agree with each other and I put him to bed with a large stone bucket as I cleaned up the mess. The next day I awake to see that everyone was awake and up before me, but Duin, so I went to wash but found something I had only heard about. It was a shower, many Burwin always said that humans didn’t know how to clean up, and they were right. After we ate our early meal we went to the Archives of Krat Mord-dir to help Beren find some clues to his past, and in doing so, I my found some of my own. As we found the books that we were looking for and were just starting to enjoy ourselves three Bruwin were coming up to us, well armed and armored.

As they came at us, all they said was that they were repaying a debt to the Thintrí line. As the first blow was struck, it went clean through Duin. When this happened I know I could not hold back any longer. The battle was over in only a minute or so and we were able to save Duin when the guards arrived. Duin told them that they were Dragon Cultists and the took them away. We were able to continue and Kaidree took Duin back to his home. As the hours went by, a young woman came out of the from among the bookcases, her name was Vedma and offered us a job of sorts; to take her to a lost human library that she know the location of. All she asked of us was to be her bodyguards on the surface, and we would partake in the knowledge that we would find. Beren told her that we would think it over with the others of our group, and left as she told us were she could be found. I went on reading when Beren asked me to compare him to a picture of Éadrom ór Thintrí, the resemblance was uncanny and I was certain that they were the same person. However, I did not say it, all I told him was that he did look like him. I did learn a few things about Armen Thoonbade, that will come in handy I think. This well be quite the little adventure I think my friend.



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