Drakewell's Journal Entry 7

As we continued our journey we traveled into the foothills south of Hestur. It was a good day of travel and we were almost out of the foothills that day as well, the weather turned to the worst, so it was a good that we we in the foot hill on top of a hill and not at the bottom of the foothills being carried away buy the rain fall, o how I miss the good old days with Oskar. When light brook the next day we say a trill of blood leading into the frost I , Kaidree and Beren went to take a look we’ve found a pack of wolves and dispatch them with easy, so that the next group of travelers would not have to deal with them, but we’ve found something of much more importunes. It was a lager compound of some-sorts but in the side of a hill from and it was old, very, very old, and was a great find as well was marvels we found in there and not to mention the undead that have to become quit accretive in the past five or so years, which has given be pause. As we’ve retuned to the wagons we say Vedma couch driven in circles, as we approached to ask what was going on Mup and Duin put their fingers to the mouth, we all got on the wagon as Beren toke the coach and we traveled on. I ask Duin what he and Mup were doing and what he told me was the most funny thing I had ever head, that Vedam had woken up ask were we were and demanded that we start right away, and than went back to sleep so they started to drive the coach around in circles and she was none of the wiser as I got a good laugh out of it even Duin give a small smack to that one after hearing it for himself.



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