Drakewell's Journal Entry 8

For the last five days I’ve just not been in the shadow realm but I’ve been slid in a room with Vedma and Mup. Mup I can get along with fine, but Vedma I want to kill what place she has brought us to is unknown and to my best attempts I cannot understand this language is could take the rest of my life. It does not help that Vedma blames our current condition on me, so I and Vedma have gotten into to some pity big fights which ends up with me so mad that I’m speaking in Umi out of habit. If Eadrom had not come when he did we might have killed each other. With the help of Eadrom we were able to pass the test and two other each time a gift was left at the stature. However the last test left us weak and I hope Eadrom will have the wisdom to rest for a bit. Good night old friend.



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