Drakewell's Journal Entry 9 part 2

(Written in Umi)
As we started down the long column of bookcases we lit one of the touches lining the bookcases they all started to light one by one with a pop. As we came to the center of the room with found it to be a lager circle room with two doors and threaten open arcs. The two doors one was the one that we came from and the other was a very lager iron double doors of massive weight. The threaten arcs had an inscription over the top of them saying:
4.____________-Ancient medicine
5.____________-Ancient serpents

We lost track of Vedma so we split-up to find her. I went in to the door that said magic and Mup and Eadrom went to royalty chamber. As I entered the magic chamber I found Vedma combing through the books and getting angry by each book she though aside that was not the one she was looking for. So I started to look through the books finding two books that had a strong hold on me through I could not read them. Than about an hour into my search when Mup came in and said to come, Eadrom had found something. As we came into the main chamber and in the center one of the center flour stones was lifted out of place and old wooden later laid far down below the library as we found Eadrom he was in a chamber that had what seemed to be coffin and a second portal that was sealed in many ways. As we entered the chamber were Eadrom was a glimmer appeared to us and started to speak in Riocht so I could not understand it, but the face of the man look so much like the man in my dreams, the man I believe was my grandfather. However when the glimmer appeared Eadrom called him Armen, when the glimmer stop talking, it was very emotional, I asked Eadrom what he said as I was becoming ever more distorted. When he told me I sore to him that I would help him in whatever way I could. We tried to open the other portal but nothing would work. However Eadrom open the coffin with his bold and found a letter addressed to Eadrom and a map Agerrin. When I ask him what it said he said that there was a volt some were in the outland of Agerrin. After we finished we headed back up to the library Eadrom went to find Vadma and I and Mup went to the spells chamber. I found one spell book in the hour that we were in there. After that we headed in to the main chamber.

As we entered the main chamber of the library a cleric Thanatos entered the library and we did battle she had some sort of cloning bids and soon we outnumbered browned any hope of winner as we started to fall back Eadrom stead to by us time or he was hoping he could beat them either way it bout us the time to get the main door open it took a lot of strength to open it. As we begin to exit there was a magical portal at the end of the hall, I called back to Eadrom to run when I look back the clone clerics had started to cast a circle magic and when Eadrom got to the door, the clerics summand something that looked like a showedwalker. As we exited through the portal the showedwalker followed us though but as soon as daylight hit it the walker ran back into the mountain. Even through I’m worried that the walker might still come after us. However my mind is not on the walker, but on how much Armen look like him, my grandfather and what Eadrom said about Arman was the cause of the cataclysm, but also stop it. Something else Eadrom said that as a child that Eadrom said how things were post-to-be, that started to make me think that Armen was trying to alter causality, I was always told to alter time was the very abuse of power that led to the downfall of the mages and why people fear us in the first place, it is too great of power for one man or even an entire people to have and yet what if I could go back and changes things. No, we cannot change time for our own personal and selfish reason that would be an abuse of power. There are only two things that we can control and really matter in our lives either we are good or evil and to change time for personal of selfish reason is truly an evil act and even if it was not it would only lead to more abuse of power like the Saviors have done. I have many things to think about tonight my old friend, good night.



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