Entry 4 - Éadrom ór Thintrí

When my senses came around I found myself in what looked to be in inn dressed in unfamiliar cloths. Shockingly the boy, Kaidree and the black haired man sat with me at a table similarly dressed. Kaidree was dressed in a dull pink dress but somehow looked breath taking. As if she was not the trail hardened woods-woman. Thoughts that surely I was dreaming quick flooded my brain. However, this was torn to pieces when the people around began to asked as I. At first panic seemed to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind then a search for understanding. We asked around the tavern and found that we had been at the table for quite sometime, and that today was some sort of festival. As we began to exit the tavern we were stopped by the bartender as he handed us unfamiliar weapons. Not questioning we took the weapons and exited the tavern. The streets of this were filled with people and decorations it was indeed the beginning some celebration and as we walked a strange sense of familiarity for this city came over me. Soon we overheard a man announcing the arrival of a king. To me this brought no reaction as it was not strange however, the man in black seemed shocked by this news. We questioned the man as to where this place was and asked about the king. The man told us this was Cloverdale and the king was coming for the first time in many years. Again a look of shock took the black hair mans face. After parting this crier I asked about this king and confirm everyone’s thoughts about this being Cloverdale. The black robed man stated that there hadn’t been a king that ruled over Cloverdale in over a thousand years, but he did believe this was Cloverdale. Curious I decided that we should stay for the kings arrival. The black robed man parted ways here and Kaidree and the boy followed me to a stage where the king was suppose to give a speech. They were still setting up here when a beautiful dame approached. She asked if I could assist her with the preparations. I agreed as there was nothing to do till the king arrived. After a short time the decorations and seat were complete and the mysterious dark robed man reappeared and join us at the table. The table was soon filled with fine ale and food and we drank and ate. After a time the ale was beginning to take its tole so we stopped. Soon after it seemed to us that the king was late so we decided to take in the sites of the festival. The young dame that had join was now pasted out at the table. Kaidree and I head off to walk around while the boy and the old man headed to the games. Kaidree and I made our way near the dance floor where the music was in full swing, I asked her to a dance and we entered onto the dance floor. After a few songs we decided to look for the others and headed towards the game. Kaidree, seemed to be enjoying herself for the first time since the Orcs and this made me happy. As we joined the others I was roped into try a knife throwing game to win a prize for Kaidree, and though I did quite well it was not enough for the main prize though I was able to win a beautiful flower which I gave to Kaidree. After a time at the games we head back to our table in front of the stage. Not long after we hear the roar of trumpets and the clank of armor as a procession began its way to the stage. A tall human man, dressed in cloaks of blue and gold, a thin gold circlet rests upon his gray-haired head soon appeared on the stage. Again a strange sense of familiarity swept my senses at the sight of this man. This man was announced as Cosantóir ór Thintrí, King of Agerrin. Sometime after he started his speech and bolt struck the man in the chest and panic in sued. I caught a glimpse of a black clocked assassin dropping a crossbow and turning to run. Blindly I made chase telling the others to follow. The assassin ran swiftly through the streets and was soon on the rooftops jumping from building to building. In the chase the my black robed friend caused bolts of like to shoot from his fingers and my suspicions were confirmed about this man. However, this was not the time for that and I continued after the assassin. Fate would have it that the assassin ran out of luck and fell from the rooftops as he jumped from one building to the next. In that instance we surrounded him and an epic fight began. Though we fought bravely the three of us were definitely out classed by this dark assassin as he slowly worked us down and ended us. The last thing I remember was a sharp stab in my chest and the chill of death. The next moment I shot awake in the forest outside the caves were I had been before. drenched in sweat I turned to see the two others startle awake, however the boy did not wake. Realizing that we only woke because we were killed I feared that the boy would be stuck in that dream world. I began to panic and make preparations to return to Cloverdale for help when the boy slowly stirred awake. Thankful that nothing had befall us we shortly discussed the events of that evening. Soon the tiredness of our restless sleep overtook us and we slept for the remainder of the night, this time the crystal safely placed out of sight.



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