Drakewell's Journal Entry 9 part 2

(Written in Umi)
As we started down the long column of bookcases we lit one of the touches lining the bookcases they all started to light one by one with a pop. As we came to the center of the room with found it to be a lager circle room with two doors and threaten open arcs. The two doors one was the one that we came from and the other was a very lager iron double doors of massive weight. The threaten arcs had an inscription over the top of them saying:
4.____________-Ancient medicine
5.____________-Ancient serpents

We lost track of Vedma so we split-up to find her. I went in to the door that said magic and Mup and Eadrom went to royalty chamber. As I entered the magic chamber I found Vedma combing through the books and getting angry by each book she though aside that was not the one she was looking for. So I started to look through the books finding two books that had a strong hold on me through I could not read them. Than about an hour into my search when Mup came in and said to come, Eadrom had found something. As we came into the main chamber and in the center one of the center flour stones was lifted out of place and old wooden later laid far down below the library as we found Eadrom he was in a chamber that had what seemed to be coffin and a second portal that was sealed in many ways. As we entered the chamber were Eadrom was a glimmer appeared to us and started to speak in Riocht so I could not understand it, but the face of the man look so much like the man in my dreams, the man I believe was my grandfather. However when the glimmer appeared Eadrom called him Armen, when the glimmer stop talking, it was very emotional, I asked Eadrom what he said as I was becoming ever more distorted. When he told me I sore to him that I would help him in whatever way I could. We tried to open the other portal but nothing would work. However Eadrom open the coffin with his bold and found a letter addressed to Eadrom and a map Agerrin. When I ask him what it said he said that there was a volt some were in the outland of Agerrin. After we finished we headed back up to the library Eadrom went to find Vadma and I and Mup went to the spells chamber. I found one spell book in the hour that we were in there. After that we headed in to the main chamber.

As we entered the main chamber of the library a cleric Thanatos entered the library and we did battle she had some sort of cloning bids and soon we outnumbered browned any hope of winner as we started to fall back Eadrom stead to by us time or he was hoping he could beat them either way it bout us the time to get the main door open it took a lot of strength to open it. As we begin to exit there was a magical portal at the end of the hall, I called back to Eadrom to run when I look back the clone clerics had started to cast a circle magic and when Eadrom got to the door, the clerics summand something that looked like a showedwalker. As we exited through the portal the showedwalker followed us though but as soon as daylight hit it the walker ran back into the mountain. Even through I’m worried that the walker might still come after us. However my mind is not on the walker, but on how much Armen look like him, my grandfather and what Eadrom said about Arman was the cause of the cataclysm, but also stop it. Something else Eadrom said that as a child that Eadrom said how things were post-to-be, that started to make me think that Armen was trying to alter causality, I was always told to alter time was the very abuse of power that led to the downfall of the mages and why people fear us in the first place, it is too great of power for one man or even an entire people to have and yet what if I could go back and changes things. No, we cannot change time for our own personal and selfish reason that would be an abuse of power. There are only two things that we can control and really matter in our lives either we are good or evil and to change time for personal of selfish reason is truly an evil act and even if it was not it would only lead to more abuse of power like the Saviors have done. I have many things to think about tonight my old friend, good night.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 9 part 1

The last time I write we were in some time of trail hall would be the best way of putting it. After the last two trails had been completed, this bought Éadrom much annoyance. With two more items appeared in the main chamber and some type of portal opened after the last trail and we were taking out of the shadow realm to another plane, similar to the material plane, and were in some kind of anti-chamber with only one doorway in the anti-chamber. As we open the door I fall to my knees at the sight of what I say; a old library in a decaying state.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 8

For the last five days I’ve just not been in the shadow realm but I’ve been slid in a room with Vedma and Mup. Mup I can get along with fine, but Vedma I want to kill what place she has brought us to is unknown and to my best attempts I cannot understand this language is could take the rest of my life. It does not help that Vedma blames our current condition on me, so I and Vedma have gotten into to some pity big fights which ends up with me so mad that I’m speaking in Umi out of habit. If Eadrom had not come when he did we might have killed each other. With the help of Eadrom we were able to pass the test and two other each time a gift was left at the stature. However the last test left us weak and I hope Eadrom will have the wisdom to rest for a bit. Good night old friend.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 7

As we continued our journey we traveled into the foothills south of Hestur. It was a good day of travel and we were almost out of the foothills that day as well, the weather turned to the worst, so it was a good that we we in the foot hill on top of a hill and not at the bottom of the foothills being carried away buy the rain fall, o how I miss the good old days with Oskar. When light brook the next day we say a trill of blood leading into the frost I , Kaidree and Beren went to take a look we’ve found a pack of wolves and dispatch them with easy, so that the next group of travelers would not have to deal with them, but we’ve found something of much more importunes. It was a lager compound of some-sorts but in the side of a hill from and it was old, very, very old, and was a great find as well was marvels we found in there and not to mention the undead that have to become quit accretive in the past five or so years, which has given be pause. As we’ve retuned to the wagons we say Vedma couch driven in circles, as we approached to ask what was going on Mup and Duin put their fingers to the mouth, we all got on the wagon as Beren toke the coach and we traveled on. I ask Duin what he and Mup were doing and what he told me was the most funny thing I had ever head, that Vedam had woken up ask were we were and demanded that we start right away, and than went back to sleep so they started to drive the coach around in circles and she was none of the wiser as I got a good laugh out of it even Duin give a small smack to that one after hearing it for himself.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 6

Were to start on this entry were in did, I think at the lest time I left off. As we entered the basement of the old tower we found things that I can not recall here and now. However we found some people that may be of help in the days to come, but even that can not be sad there was a gain both in knowledge and power. To what events toke place beyond that I can not say. As we got back to the wagon and Vedma’s coach we found Vedma standing there yelling about how we toke a full day to look at some old tower saying that there was nothing of worth there. I’m starting to think that this Vedma is nothing more than a over growing child that have been hiding in fear and let other do everything for her. Her clam that she is a seeker of knowledge I’m starting to question as well, her clam that nothing was in the tower of note and yet there was a great deal of note unless she does know and does not considers of note and then she is a fool, and great fool to underestimate us. After that we began to travel for the day we were attack by very lager fly chickens or cockatrice. After that I do not know the next thing I remember is waking up in Hestur the lest time I was in Hestur was ages ago I from the looks of it I just missed the horse races of all the luck, dame.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 5

This Vedma is starting worry me a great deal and the more she doesn’t tall us the more on-guard I become. As we told Duin and the others about this woman’s the more questions I had about her and the most nagging is how she became a patron of the Binteror clan one of the most if not the most influential clans in Kart Mord-dir, hell I even partitioned to them long ago. However the others did agree to meet her and disguises the terms of this deal if you could call it that. As we went to the Binteror Clan home we found out that only two of us would be allowed to go and speak to this so could Lady Vedma. So Beren and Duin went in to speak to her and when the came back out Beren said that he accept her offer, but Duin said nothing so we agreed to go back to Duin’s home and talk this over. As we got back to Duin’s home we found out that she would not pay us but we finally came to a consensus that we would slept any treasure we find amongst each other, but yet we still know not were we were going which bug me a great deal. For the rest of the day we went to the market to buy supplies we needed and a made an order for a book.

The next day we went to the courtyard to loud up the cart and finish papering for the trap, when a Burwin trade caravan came in what happened next was quiet a surprisers. A white dragon brook out of a crate and started to kill the Burwin trades. We fought it till it was laying drying on the ground, but Beren refused to kill it for some reason and the Burwin guards toke it away. They said as a reword we could have what was left in the wagon, and it was quiet a bit. However Mup and Beren were quiet badly hurt in the battle, but we started our journey anyways. the next two days went on with out any problems and we were harding west now, till that night. Well I was on watch a ogre came up to the camp as I yelled to wake every one and prepared my self for the battle well… lets just say the ogre trap, fall and knock itself out. So I ran over and put a blot in the back of it’s neck and kill on the spot. By this time every one was awake and saying what a great job I did, Beren on the other hand said why I killed it when it was helpless as we tried to tall him that it would have killed us all if we did act first he just went back into his tent. At this I have become quiet worried about the him and the surveil of just not the group, but of him as well, he may be more importune than any of us.

The next day was easy travel till we came upon a flame about a mail off the road and stop to inquire, at this time Vedma came out of her coach for the first time during the trap and ask why we had stopped as we told he she said that she would go with us. So we left Kaidree and Mup to watch over the coach and cart and set off when we got their we found a fire elemental run of floating around a price of worked stone as we approached it attack and we dissipated it with ease. As were look at the stone it appeared to have been lunched or throwing a great dissents, but found nothing else so we harried back and continued on. That night on first watch I sptred another flame and told the others as they came on watch. So the next day we went to inquire about it, however Vedma said it was a not worth our time and stayed with the cart and her coach with Mup as we toke off for it. Much the same thing happened when we came upon it we fought it with easy, but this time it had started a fire in the fields and we rushed to put it out. As we look around thinking it was a dead end we say about a mail or two away the remains of a tower that the stone had came from.

As we approached it we found it had been blowing up as it would have seemed, and all the reminded was the base of the tower and the stone doors. As we translated it said this was the tower of Ogon a great conjurer of the last part I could not translated. As we entered the tower we say only ruble, however as we look around Kaidree founded a trapdoor under a huge stone. We recovered the stone and opened the trapdoor we most have broken a ward and two water elementals appeared the fight drew out for some time, but we dispraised them finally. As we went down the trapdoor I fleet some small part of power retrying to me that I had lost long ago.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 4

As we exited the council chamber Duin was their to offer us to stay at his home, but as soon as he did Duin and Beren got into a argument about what Duin had keep from him. As the argument cooled down Duin took us to his home in Krat Mord-dir and offered us…well…a storage closet to stay in, at least for Beren, Mup, and myself. As Beren went to get some rest, Duin asked what we would like to eat as he said that Kaidree went off explaining a dish. As she finished Duin went off to started cooking, I went to see if Beren wanted something to eat, but he said nothing and I left him to his thoughts.

I have to say this for Duin’s cooking: it’s like all Burwin cooking, odd, but good. Of course any one who saw this Burwin dish, a large mound of bread with mushrooms growing out and beer juice inside, however it was quiet good. Beren did not join us for dinner however, after Duin and Kaidree went to bed, Mup and dinner did not agree with each other and I put him to bed with a large stone bucket as I cleaned up the mess. The next day I awake to see that everyone was awake and up before me, but Duin, so I went to wash but found something I had only heard about. It was a shower, many Burwin always said that humans didn’t know how to clean up, and they were right. After we ate our early meal we went to the Archives of Krat Mord-dir to help Beren find some clues to his past, and in doing so, I my found some of my own. As we found the books that we were looking for and were just starting to enjoy ourselves three Bruwin were coming up to us, well armed and armored.

As they came at us, all they said was that they were repaying a debt to the Thintrí line. As the first blow was struck, it went clean through Duin. When this happened I know I could not hold back any longer. The battle was over in only a minute or so and we were able to save Duin when the guards arrived. Duin told them that they were Dragon Cultists and the took them away. We were able to continue and Kaidree took Duin back to his home. As the hours went by, a young woman came out of the from among the bookcases, her name was Vedma and offered us a job of sorts; to take her to a lost human library that she know the location of. All she asked of us was to be her bodyguards on the surface, and we would partake in the knowledge that we would find. Beren told her that we would think it over with the others of our group, and left as she told us were she could be found. I went on reading when Beren asked me to compare him to a picture of Éadrom ór Thintrí, the resemblance was uncanny and I was certain that they were the same person. However, I did not say it, all I told him was that he did look like him. I did learn a few things about Armen Thoonbade, that will come in handy I think. This well be quite the little adventure I think my friend.

Drakewell's Journal Entry 3

We’ve been though much my friend and i fear that we may be entering a journey that may calm my life, but I will give it freely if it means the freedom of my people. However I think that i should start with what have happen in the past few days. As we left Cloverdale we traveled to Krat Mord-dir for most of the day till we come apron a wagon that was tip over the two humans were surround bay goblins. We dispatched them ease however as we started to let them lose, when Kaidree find a wand. As Kaidree look after the two, as Beren and I look though the tip over wagon we founded many magic items. As we told them to move on their way and aspect the loss of profit as we took them to destroy them. After we deposed of the items we continued on till we had exited the forested and set up camp for the night. The next day was full of travel with and talk of each other and gave Beren what knowledge I could about Krat Mord-dir and the Burwin. The next day was once again smooth travel except for a rock slide that Kaidree that say it before is was apron us.

As we arrived at Krat Mord-dir it was easy to gain eatery a few gold and the right words and they lit us in to Krat Mord-dir. as we entered we headed to the inn that paeli stay in, as they call us, their we had drink and food, all of us had maybe a little too much. As we waited for Duin to arrive Their other friend Mup came down and there was hugs and cheers and more drink and more drink o-man what a night. However I gauss I drink a little too much because I said something to upset Mup. The next day Beren sent for a kormeren or sage in common, to decipher the script on the sword. I tried to listen in on the conversation but could not hear in, so I keep an eye them but keep reading. However when the kormeren left the look on Beren was one of deep thought, then he called for master blacksmith to reforged his sword. That night the kormeren came back to tall Beren that he and his party was granted a audience in front of the Conceal of Fathers in the mourning, too address the Sword of State in his possession. This put me in a great deal of thought for a time till the barkeep had us drinking on the house, for the return of a Sword of State it counted till the barkeep past-out in a chair, then we went to bed for the night.

The next mourning we woke up and got ready to see the Conceal of Fathers and the Wise Axe. We waited at the main gate of  Krat Mord-dir inner fortress, we stayed there for a few hours till the Chamberlain of the conceal came and toke us to the conceal chamber though the use of a magical transporter room. After we left the transporter room we entered what seemed to be a waiting chamber with many images of great Burwin and battles that showed Burwin and Humans fighting a great enemy. I tried to decipher the writing on the walls, but that only provider more questions than answers. Than the doors to the conceal chamber opened and we allowed entry to the conceal. The talks that presided are long and world take up many pages, but to say the lest after great length to prover that Beren was and is the rightful holder for this Sword of State two test were presented one was the test of blood and the other is a compression to a engraving plate made long ago. Beren choose the rite of blood, a time passed than a kormeren averred in the conceal chamber to conduct the rite, he come with a lager veil with gold inlays and needle with a veil attached to it. The kormeren told Beren it would be very painful and said to ready himself for the rite. So I and Kaidree toke each of his arms and the kormeren stab the needle into Beren arm and started to drew out blood, allot of blood. As the blood flowered out into the veil attached to it and something started to happen to Beren his eye begain to glow than he started to fight against us. As it went on he stopped and started again though use about, but with the help of Mup we held him. However when we thought it was over Beren though use one last suppress his eye gave out one lest bust of light that seemed to put use in some kind of spell but we resisted, but just. Than he stopped and collapsed to the floor. The kormeren pureed the blood in the veil with the gold inlays, as Beren awoke we gave him some water and got him to his feet. As the kormeren performed the rite with a few magic words the blood started to glow and slower better still than it turned gold.

What happened next I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind, but I’ve haven’t been in may right frame mind since I left home ten years ago. When they told us that he was the kin of Cosantóir ór Thintrí, I bowed myself to one knee and said “My lord”. Beren question why I did such a thing. I told him he is my king and the rightful king of all Agerrin. I don’t think Beren could bliver what he is any more than Kaidree, but in time I think he will. As the Wise Axe gave his sorrow for the state of his kingdom and gave the Sword of Start back to Beren. As we left the Conceal of Fathers chamber my mind started to drift to thought that have not come to mind for a long time. Hope came to me something that I thought had left me when she left me on the verge of our new life together, but hope, the hope for my people, the hope for freedom from the Church and hope for a batter world for all people and races of Agerrin. For now my friend I most reflect on what I have leaned, till next time.

Entry 4 - Éadrom ór Thintrí

When my senses came around I found myself in what looked to be in inn dressed in unfamiliar cloths. Shockingly the boy, Kaidree and the black haired man sat with me at a table similarly dressed. Kaidree was dressed in a dull pink dress but somehow looked breath taking. As if she was not the trail hardened woods-woman. Thoughts that surely I was dreaming quick flooded my brain. However, this was torn to pieces when the people around began to asked as I. At first panic seemed to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind then a search for understanding. We asked around the tavern and found that we had been at the table for quite sometime, and that today was some sort of festival. As we began to exit the tavern we were stopped by the bartender as he handed us unfamiliar weapons. Not questioning we took the weapons and exited the tavern. The streets of this were filled with people and decorations it was indeed the beginning some celebration and as we walked a strange sense of familiarity for this city came over me. Soon we overheard a man announcing the arrival of a king. To me this brought no reaction as it was not strange however, the man in black seemed shocked by this news. We questioned the man as to where this place was and asked about the king. The man told us this was Cloverdale and the king was coming for the first time in many years. Again a look of shock took the black hair mans face. After parting this crier I asked about this king and confirm everyone’s thoughts about this being Cloverdale. The black robed man stated that there hadn’t been a king that ruled over Cloverdale in over a thousand years, but he did believe this was Cloverdale. Curious I decided that we should stay for the kings arrival. The black robed man parted ways here and Kaidree and the boy followed me to a stage where the king was suppose to give a speech. They were still setting up here when a beautiful dame approached. She asked if I could assist her with the preparations. I agreed as there was nothing to do till the king arrived. After a short time the decorations and seat were complete and the mysterious dark robed man reappeared and join us at the table. The table was soon filled with fine ale and food and we drank and ate. After a time the ale was beginning to take its tole so we stopped. Soon after it seemed to us that the king was late so we decided to take in the sites of the festival. The young dame that had join was now pasted out at the table. Kaidree and I head off to walk around while the boy and the old man headed to the games. Kaidree and I made our way near the dance floor where the music was in full swing, I asked her to a dance and we entered onto the dance floor. After a few songs we decided to look for the others and headed towards the game. Kaidree, seemed to be enjoying herself for the first time since the Orcs and this made me happy. As we joined the others I was roped into try a knife throwing game to win a prize for Kaidree, and though I did quite well it was not enough for the main prize though I was able to win a beautiful flower which I gave to Kaidree. After a time at the games we head back to our table in front of the stage. Not long after we hear the roar of trumpets and the clank of armor as a procession began its way to the stage. A tall human man, dressed in cloaks of blue and gold, a thin gold circlet rests upon his gray-haired head soon appeared on the stage. Again a strange sense of familiarity swept my senses at the sight of this man. This man was announced as Cosantóir ór Thintrí, King of Agerrin. Sometime after he started his speech and bolt struck the man in the chest and panic in sued. I caught a glimpse of a black clocked assassin dropping a crossbow and turning to run. Blindly I made chase telling the others to follow. The assassin ran swiftly through the streets and was soon on the rooftops jumping from building to building. In the chase the my black robed friend caused bolts of like to shoot from his fingers and my suspicions were confirmed about this man. However, this was not the time for that and I continued after the assassin. Fate would have it that the assassin ran out of luck and fell from the rooftops as he jumped from one building to the next. In that instance we surrounded him and an epic fight began. Though we fought bravely the three of us were definitely out classed by this dark assassin as he slowly worked us down and ended us. The last thing I remember was a sharp stab in my chest and the chill of death. The next moment I shot awake in the forest outside the caves were I had been before. drenched in sweat I turned to see the two others startle awake, however the boy did not wake. Realizing that we only woke because we were killed I feared that the boy would be stuck in that dream world. I began to panic and make preparations to return to Cloverdale for help when the boy slowly stirred awake. Thankful that nothing had befall us we shortly discussed the events of that evening. Soon the tiredness of our restless sleep overtook us and we slept for the remainder of the night, this time the crystal safely placed out of sight.

Entry 3 - Éadrom ór Thintrí

After leaving Kaidree and realizing that I did not posses the funds necessary to acquire the medicine from the church. I decided to first sell what I could to make as much money as possible and so I headed to the market. After trading in my armor for a more inexpensive type I had still come short of my goal for the medicine. After getting some information around town as to where job postings might be posted I was told that both the trade house and guard house had jobs. With this news I headed first to the trade house and looked over there message board. In searching the board, I found only one job that would meet my desired amount. This job entailed guarding a caravan that was traveling to Red Fields and back. It offered a fair amount as payment however, the time that the trip to Red Fields would take would be around two weeks and I feared the mother of the boy would not have such time. In any case I took one of the fliers and headed off to the guard house. At the guard house I approached the man attending the front and asked about any bounties he might had. I was informed that there was one bounty for a tribe of orcs and that I would need to talk to a Captain Varosh about accepting the bounty. Thinking that this was probably the best option to save the boy’s mother in the fastest time I headed into the guard house to meet the Captain. I entered into an office to find a stern man seated behind a paper filled desk. As I entered the office I stated my purpose and was offered a seat. After a short discussion of the bounty and to my dismay the Captain seemed hesitant in granting me the bounty. After my attempts to persuade him he offered me a way to prove myself in battle. I would be placed in combat against three of his best men. If I defeated his men I would be given the bounty, lose and I would be denied it. While the fight in my mind was hardly a fair judge of aptitude for success I did not bother to argue the matter as I had not choice. The resulting battle of this so called trial was met by failure on my part and abiding to the agreement I left the guard house and was force to seek out the merchant that was looking for a caravan guard. I knew that time was not in my favor so When I approached the merchant about the job I asked if he would be able to grand my a bit of the reward up front. This seemed like a reasonable request as a guard would better be fit to guard had his supplies been refurbished. I thought wrong as I was turned down earnestly. Trying to yield to the mans compassion I explained to the man about the boy and how I feared the two weeks was to much time to save the mother, but again this was met hastily with no’s. Knowing that I had nothing to gain by helping the man if he was unwilling to deviate the payment slightly I retreated again to the streets in search of work. Beginning to loses faith in the hearts of people of this world and in myself to complete my promise I headed to the church as a last ditch effort to procure the medicine. Once in the church I approached a maiden in white, a Priest of Zelmaxsis, and plea for any way I might procure the medicine I seek. Whether form compassion for the boy or my earnest plea the priest said there may be one thing that I could do for the church in exchange for the medicine. After a brief talk I was tasked with locating and asking a man, believed to be an alchemist, to leave the city peacefully and if necessary remove by force. Not wishing to delay any further and taking the advice of the priest and keeping a low profile I set off to find this so called alchemist. With the information given to me by the church locating the man was rather simple. He was said to be the owner of a certain scribe shop in Cloverdale. Checking his establishment first, I was met by a tall pale man with black inset eyes, shoulder length black hair and dressed in black robes. After a short discussion of the will of the church reinforced by the threat of the Servitors of Nemesis that would surely follow the man although reluctant agreed to leave the village by dawn the next day. Thanking the man for his civility I departed for the church. Finally, I had procured the medicine for the boy’s mother. With a upbeat demeanor I headed to the exit of the church. However, this changed when I noticed the black robed man sitting near the churches exit. Thoughts that the man had deceived me or that I had been betray filled my head and as I neared the man by heart burned. I heatedly asked the man why he was there in the church when he should be packing for his departure. He answered saying the he only came here to warn me that I was being followed I shrugged this off as it being the town watch keeping an eye on me. Warning the man that crossing me and failing to leave would not be a good idea I stormed out of the church and headed to the boy’s inn. Arriving at the boy’s room I quickly handed the medicine to the boy and watched as he administered it to his mother. With in seconds the woman had began to regain color. Relieved, I brought to the boy’s attention our agreement, but told him that I might have someone tailing me. He told me of a secret way out of this inn and we proceeded to exit the establishment in stealth. As we moved about the alleys of the town the boy told me that he retrieved the crystal he carries from caves east Cloverdale. I asked him if he could find these caves again, and with his acknowledgment we headed to the east gate. After exiting the city the boy and I headed east into a near forest where we camped for the night.

The next morning I quickly woke the boy. We broke our small camp and I hastily searched for food. Being unsuccessful we gathered our things and headed off towards the caves. After awhile of marching we came across and encampment of grey skinned beings. These creatures were much larger than the average man and there was not question at the strength they possessed. There was no doubting that these were the Orcs Captain Varosh was after. We quietly slipped past the the camp of Orcs and continued on our way to the caves, this time with blade drawn. Soon we were at the entrance of the cave. A pair of Orc flanked the entrance. Quickly before an alarm could be sound or a word spoken I dispatched the guards. Telling the boy to run if anything befell me we entered the cave. With no hesitation I cut my way through the caves looking for any sign of the mysterious crystals. My rage was engined by the site of a Nemesis patrol cut to shreds. With a hot head I entered a room that was the vista of this cave system. Clear water moved swiftly like a snake through out the chamber wrapping around tall crags of crystal. Awe struck and relieved at the sight I was able to think clearly for the first time since entering the cave. It was in this chamber that I found an Orc that was not like the others. Dressed in brown robes I could see the payment of time on the Orcs face. I descended into the lower chamber and after a few attempts at crossing the swift current I found myself near the large crags. It was then as I concentrated on the crystals that the Orc spoke for the first time. While I didn’t quiet feel threatened by the old Orc I did not trust him. As we spoke though I came to a harsh realization. Without even a thought I came and cut down these people. All because one person said they are evil. But the Orc Shaman said that the Servitors of Nemesis attacked them not the other way around. Now it wasn’t that I believed the Orc or the Humans but I realized I was being blind. It was this day that I made a vow. Never again will I blindly kill another being. I will not attack unless attack and even then I will save anyone I can after. No longer will I be the blind puppet to hate to my ignorance. It was at this time that I noticed a man in all black at the entrance of the chamber near the boy. I questioned the man as to why he had followed me. His answer was less then helpful, saying that he was just interested in me. Turning away from the man back to the Orc. I asked about the crystal crags. He told me that they contain visions of another time or place and that some within his clan were able to see these visions. I showed him my crystals, but he said that this crystal was pale and had now visions only darkened crystals have them. Saddened by this I ask if he had seen or heard of anyone or thing being frozen inside the crystals. The Orc Shaman had not heard of anything like this and I began to doubt I would ever find out anything about my past. As a final question I asked if this tribe has found any more crystals like these. His response was that there are many throughout the region. Feeling a lack of accomplishment I headed to the entrance of the chamber. As I moved to exit the Shaman ask for me to tell the people of the injustice that had happened here and that the Orc only want to be left alone. As I climbed up to the clocked man and the boy I noticed a shadow appear from behind them. Bow drawn the man came out of the shadows. To my shock it was Kaidree. Seeing that the arrow was pointed at the old Orc I pleaded her to lower her weapon. After much pleading she eventually lowered her bow and headed quickly to the surface. I could feel the anger as she exited the chamber but I still believe today that what I did was the right thing. I only hope I can convince Kaidree as well. Exiting the caves I suggested we stayed in the caves as night fall was approaching. Kaidree however, would hear no such talk and we headed into the forest till night was upon us. We made a small camp in a clear amid the forest and the others were swiftly asleep, or so I thought. Soon after Kaidree and the boy were asleep the man in black stirred awake and began chanting in an unknown tongue. He did so for a few minutes and then fell asleep. I would have questioned him about it had I no other plans this night but that was not the case. Finally when all were asleep I gathered my things and headed swiftly back to the caves. In our travels the boy had given me his crystal which was darkened. I wished to see if the Orc could see what was inside this stone. This did not happen though, as I approached the caves any sign that the Orcs were there was gone. It was obvious that the Orcs had moved on to a new location. I returned to the camp angered by myself at forgetting the boy’s crystal. I stared at the darkened crystal until sleep finally overtook me.


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