A small walled city, in North East Agerrin (AWM 52-21). Cloverdale is perhaps the largest inland trade hub in Agerrin, due to its crossroads location and proximity to Krat Mord-dir. The city has been experiencing growth over the recent years, and new parts of the city have begun springing up outside the worn stone walls. Orc attacks have slowed some of these building efforts, with recent construction going towards new palisades to extend around the new parts of the city.


LN small city
Corruption +1; Crime +1; Economy +4; Law +0; Lore +1; Society +4
Qualities pious, prosperous, strategic location, rumormongering citizens
Danger +5


Government council (Church of the Saviors, primarily Nemesis)
Population 5,228 (4,997 human; 189 gnomes (mostly slaves); 42 burwin)
Notable NPCs


Base Value 5,600 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Spellcasting 7th
Minor/Medium/Major Items generally outlawed

Living in Cloverdale

The original city of Cloverdale, the majority portion contained in the stone walls, is split into quarters along the two major trade roads. “Second Harvest” road runs North-South, the “Clover Road” East-West. The trade roads are major streets in the city, paved with cobblestones and wide. Flowing into the quarters the streets grow smaller and more winding. Major side-streets are not paved but do generally have stone or wooden sidewalks. Each quarter is to some degree specialized: the builders, carpenters, lumberjacks, and millers live and work in the North-East quarter (called “the Timbers”); inns, taverns, and purveyors of food in the South-East quarter (called “the Slosh”); warehouses and shops in the South-West quarter (called “the silver quarter”); and the White Tower of the Saviors, fine houses, town hall, and barracks in the North-West quarter (called “the greens”).

Most of the oldest structures in the city are made of stone. Some have stone first floors, and the later buildings have only stone foundations. Wood acts as an accent to most structures: carved wooden columns, moldings, doors, and panels. Most buildings are dominated by large fireplaces, a product of the cold winters and abundant supply of timber nearby.

Once every five days (starting from and including the first day of the season) is market day. The center square is filled with the stalls of purveyors of all kinds of goods (except of course magical ones).

A regiment of Servitors of Nemesis is stationed in and around Cloverdale. Their stated purpose is to push deal with the growing Orc problem. They can be seen around the town in their red cloaks, either supplementing the city watch or shopping and drinking off-duty. However, the primary watch functions are carried out by Praxis Enforcers, marked in blue and visible from nearly any point along the major streets of the city.

Savior Presence

The Saviors are very much present in Cloverdale, and they tend to make that presence known. Other than their Servitors and Enforcers which dot the city, their most visible presence is the White Tower located immediately next to the city square, at the edge of the Greens. The White Tower’s promontory, like most, is covered in white gold, and shines with the light of the Sun. Inside, large alcoves are dedicated to each Savior, and acolytes attend them at all hours of the day to serve the needs of the people. Healing services are available for a fee from the Zalmoxin priestesses, and healing potions can be purchased from her acolytes.

The city council is composed of lay people, but their decisions must comport to Savior law and traditions, and may be vetoed by Savior authorities.

Because of the unique combination of the activities in and around Cloverdale, every Savior seems to have a representation in the city. Business is conducted in concordance with Neph’s teachings, with those teachings being enforced by Nephite clergy. Law is enforced by Praxin guards and decided by Praxin magistrates. Jarlon wardens watch the forests and help the farmers. Nemesis Servitors hunt Orcs. Zaryan clergy prepare festivals and weddings. Zalmoxin followers deliver babies and heal the sick. And the clergy of Thanatos bury the dead. All have a purpose and place here in Cloverdale.


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