NPC Relationships

In Agerrin players have the ability to form deep relationships with certain NPCs. Going beyond simple contacts and acquaintances, these relationships grant benefits and permanent boons to those PCs that foster them. Some of these relationships will be friendly, others a respectful rivalry, and some might even be romantic. If pushed the other way, some of these relationships could turn rather unfriendly, even downright deadly. It depends primarilly on the NPC in question, and sometimes the specific PC. The following table shows where players currently sit. Read on after the table for details.

Current Relationship Status

Relationships √Čadrom Horatio Izzed Aedin Alyssandra
Duin Acquaintances (1) Acquaintances (5) Acquaintances (2) Acquaintances (5) Friends (7)
Kaidree Acquaintances (2) Acquaintances (0) Acquaintances (1) Acquaintances (-1) Acquaintances (2)
Mup Acquaintances (2) Acquaintances (2) Acquaintances (1) Acquaintances (3) Acquaintances (4)
Kelda Acquaintances (1) Friends (6) Acquaintances (0) Friends (6) Friends (7)

Relationship Levels

  • Hatred (-20 or less) — This NPC will actively work against you to hurt and harm you. They may even try to kill you if they have the chance.
  • Chilly (-19 to -5) — This NPC doesn’t much like you. They will not help you, and if someone makes it easy for them they may attempt to harm you.
  • Acquaintances (-4 to 5) — This NPC hasn’t quite made up their mind about you. They are willing to work with you, but might not go out of their way to help you.
  • Friends (6 to 11) — This NPC likes you (or considers you worthy competition). They will do small favors for you, and might even offer you services (such as crafting or information). You will personally receive a 400XP reward the first time a relationship reaches this level, and a 200XP reward for each subsequent NPC (up to a max of 4 200XP rewards).
  • Comrades (12 to 30) — This NPC deeply respects and admires you (or sees you as a proven rival). They are likely to go out of their way to help you, and may even offer a discount on their services. You will personally receive a 1200XP reward the first time a relationship reaches this level, and a 600XP reward for each subsequent NPC (up to a max of 3 600XP rewards).
  • Allies (31 or above) — This NPC counts you among those he or she absolutely trusts. They will sacrifice life or limb to protect you (and trust that you would do the same for them). There is also an NPC-specific boon that you will gain as long as this NPC is alive and allied with you. You will peronsally receive a 3200XP rewards the first time a relationship reaches this level, and a 1600XP reward for each subsequent NPC (up to a max of 2 1600XP rewards).


Some of the NPCs are willing (or looking for) a romantic relationship. Whenever your relationship score increases you may attempt a Sense Motive to know if a particular NPC is interested in a romantic relationship with you (this is based on a secret relationship score threshold you must first obtain). From there, you may attempt a Diplomacy check to begin courting. A romantic relationship doesn’t give much in the way of in-game bonuses, but it may include situational benefits and almost certainly new complications.

Building Relationships

Relationships move from a starting point through time. They can be increased or decreased based on things you say, gifts you give, decisions you make, or good old fashioned spending time.

Starting relationship score is determined by a factor of your charisma, that NPCs starting disposition, plus miscellaneous modifiers (which may include class, race, etc.)

Increasing a relationship score can be accomplished by giving that NPC a gift they like. Alternatively, you can jest and mock that NPC (to further your rivalry). A gift is delivered with a Diplomacy check, a jest with an Intimidate. The DC is the current relationship score. Success results in a +1 gain, if you exceed the DC by 10 or more the result is a +2 gain. Each NPC has gifts and insults that they like (but you’ll only know one until you get to know them better). Repeated gifting or jesting in a short period of time will bore them, and might actually erode your relationship.

Another method of increasing a relationship is by spending time. Each time you level up, you can increase the relationship score of two different NPCs by 1 each. This increase represents time in your off hours spent talking with them.

A relationship score may decrease if the NPC is meanly mocked, deeply insulted, or purposefully harmed.

Finally, a relationship score can increase or decrease based on decisions made by the party (or individuals) at certain moments in the story. Be careful, as these moments can represent a larger change in relationship score than normal.

The above heavily borrows from the Jade Regent Adventure Path by Paizo

NPC Relationships

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