Drakewell's Journal Entry 1 part 1

The past two days have been more interesting than the past six years in Cloverdale first a odd man show up at my door and tells me that the church believe that I was a alchemist. However the church were given me a choice stay and be burned or I could leave town. Well given the option of being burn at the stack which is not a pleasant to see or leave well that not much of a choice. However as this man left my home another man in a dark clock started to follow him and being interested in why this man was being followed I set off in presort. As this man went in to the church the other stop and I followed in to weaned him that he was being followed, but for some reason he was not as concerns as one would think if someone was tolled that they were being followed.

As he left the church I again started to follower the clock man yet again and came to a common house that the first man went into. For a great time, but when he did he came out it was in a side ally with a young boy and they left town. However I keep an eye on the clock man and he eventually entered the common house and left a few minutes later and returned to a guard hose. So I returned to my home and gathered what I could and needed, than left before light to find this man and the boy.



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