Drakewell's Journal Entry 5

This Vedma is starting worry me a great deal and the more she doesn’t tall us the more on-guard I become. As we told Duin and the others about this woman’s the more questions I had about her and the most nagging is how she became a patron of the Binteror clan one of the most if not the most influential clans in Kart Mord-dir, hell I even partitioned to them long ago. However the others did agree to meet her and disguises the terms of this deal if you could call it that. As we went to the Binteror Clan home we found out that only two of us would be allowed to go and speak to this so could Lady Vedma. So Beren and Duin went in to speak to her and when the came back out Beren said that he accept her offer, but Duin said nothing so we agreed to go back to Duin’s home and talk this over. As we got back to Duin’s home we found out that she would not pay us but we finally came to a consensus that we would slept any treasure we find amongst each other, but yet we still know not were we were going which bug me a great deal. For the rest of the day we went to the market to buy supplies we needed and a made an order for a book.

The next day we went to the courtyard to loud up the cart and finish papering for the trap, when a Burwin trade caravan came in what happened next was quiet a surprisers. A white dragon brook out of a crate and started to kill the Burwin trades. We fought it till it was laying drying on the ground, but Beren refused to kill it for some reason and the Burwin guards toke it away. They said as a reword we could have what was left in the wagon, and it was quiet a bit. However Mup and Beren were quiet badly hurt in the battle, but we started our journey anyways. the next two days went on with out any problems and we were harding west now, till that night. Well I was on watch a ogre came up to the camp as I yelled to wake every one and prepared my self for the battle well… lets just say the ogre trap, fall and knock itself out. So I ran over and put a blot in the back of it’s neck and kill on the spot. By this time every one was awake and saying what a great job I did, Beren on the other hand said why I killed it when it was helpless as we tried to tall him that it would have killed us all if we did act first he just went back into his tent. At this I have become quiet worried about the him and the surveil of just not the group, but of him as well, he may be more importune than any of us.

The next day was easy travel till we came upon a flame about a mail off the road and stop to inquire, at this time Vedma came out of her coach for the first time during the trap and ask why we had stopped as we told he she said that she would go with us. So we left Kaidree and Mup to watch over the coach and cart and set off when we got their we found a fire elemental run of floating around a price of worked stone as we approached it attack and we dissipated it with ease. As were look at the stone it appeared to have been lunched or throwing a great dissents, but found nothing else so we harried back and continued on. That night on first watch I sptred another flame and told the others as they came on watch. So the next day we went to inquire about it, however Vedma said it was a not worth our time and stayed with the cart and her coach with Mup as we toke off for it. Much the same thing happened when we came upon it we fought it with easy, but this time it had started a fire in the fields and we rushed to put it out. As we look around thinking it was a dead end we say about a mail or two away the remains of a tower that the stone had came from.

As we approached it we found it had been blowing up as it would have seemed, and all the reminded was the base of the tower and the stone doors. As we translated it said this was the tower of Ogon a great conjurer of the last part I could not translated. As we entered the tower we say only ruble, however as we look around Kaidree founded a trapdoor under a huge stone. We recovered the stone and opened the trapdoor we most have broken a ward and two water elementals appeared the fight drew out for some time, but we dispraised them finally. As we went down the trapdoor I fleet some small part of power retrying to me that I had lost long ago.



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