Drakewell's Journal Entry 6

Were to start on this entry were in did, I think at the lest time I left off. As we entered the basement of the old tower we found things that I can not recall here and now. However we found some people that may be of help in the days to come, but even that can not be sad there was a gain both in knowledge and power. To what events toke place beyond that I can not say. As we got back to the wagon and Vedma’s coach we found Vedma standing there yelling about how we toke a full day to look at some old tower saying that there was nothing of worth there. I’m starting to think that this Vedma is nothing more than a over growing child that have been hiding in fear and let other do everything for her. Her clam that she is a seeker of knowledge I’m starting to question as well, her clam that nothing was in the tower of note and yet there was a great deal of note unless she does know and does not considers of note and then she is a fool, and great fool to underestimate us. After that we began to travel for the day we were attack by very lager fly chickens or cockatrice. After that I do not know the next thing I remember is waking up in Hestur the lest time I was in Hestur was ages ago I from the looks of it I just missed the horse races of all the luck, dame.



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