Entry 2 - Éadrom ór Thintrí

It’s been several days since I started my journey west with Duin, Kaidree and the still unconscious Mup. Travel was at a steady pace but we stopped often to make camp. Through these many stops it became obvious that I was not needed in this group I attempted to be of as much help as possible by doing various tasks. This is not to say that I felt unwelcome, just unneeded. I had mentioned earlier the courageous Mup had yet to regain consciousness and his condition had had little improvement. Duin spent most of his time caring for his fallen comrade, while Kaidree tended to the camp by supplying food and kindling for the fire.

When I had finished with my various tasks and I found myself with the time before nightfall I searched the surrounding areas of this world. Still new to this place I found myself wanting to know and see everything it had to offer. Often I would plants, bugs or just about anything that I considered awe inspiring back to camp to later be sketched and recorded. Whether by curiosity or so small hope that some of these objects or sites would help unlock the memories of my past I can not say.

Drawings of hibiscus flowers04

A captivating blue five petaled flower found near a small creek in the forests west of where I was found

Bernstein 01

Amber crystal remnant of my enclosure as well as last lead I have on my past.

It was on a particularly stormy day the decision was made to stop earlier than expected, and camp was erected as usual. As I finished my small contribution to setting up camp I was approached by Kaidree with an offer to go on a hunt. I had begun to grow closer to Kaidree over the past few days and was not met with the same cold front I had been shown in the caves. After some thought I felt the change of pace a hunt would bring would be beneficial and agreed to accompany Kaidree though I warned that I would likely be more harm then help.

As I had anticipated the hunt did not go well. We ended up coming back to hand empty handed but the experience was not all for nothing. While we were amidst the hunt we came across a group of soldiers garbed in black with red capes. Kaidree explain them to be Servitors of Nemesis and to my understanding are the churches main military force. It would seem this church of which Kaidree always speaks of is a force not to be trifled with. Through conversing with these soldiers I came to the quick realization that I must watch my tongue in this world. It would seem that the people of this church take offense all to quickly and I was force to talk my way out of trouble with the patrol. This however was not the worst that this night had in-store…

It was in this confrontation that Kaidree gave me a name. A name. Silly that it was not until now that I realized I had none. Duin had always seemed to call me “paylee” which I grew to hate more by the day. But no more I thought, as the name Beren Amnell had been given to me. It was later that I was informed that this name was that of a dog she once new. Though somewhat disappointed, I thought having the worst name of all is still better then none at all.

Upon returning Kaidree parted to the wagon while I retreated to the fire. It was here that I found Duin eyes cast towards the fire. As I approached I called out to the Burwin but was met with silence and he continued to stare into the fire as if I wasn’t there at all. It was as if he was in some strange trance with the fire and it would not let him free. As I came ever closer I continued to call out to him it wasn’t till I touched his shoulder did he return to the world around him. Though he denied that something was wrong, what had just happened was not so easily dismissed. This was not the first strange event that the stout man was less than cooperative in giving his input. It happened also in the caves just before I lost consciousness and I heard the load sound. When I questioned about the sound, Duin denied hearing anything at all. At the time I felt that he wasn’t telling me something but was willing to take his word but the more I found myself around the Burwin the more my suspicions that he was hiding something from me grew.

I was awaken from my sleep with the crash of thunder. The storm that had tailed us all day had finally caught up and was ever relentless as rain and lightning filled the night sky. After noticing a light in the tent I head over to see if anything was wrong or if I could be of any assistance. As I poked my head into the tent I found Kaidree already inside conversing with the Bruwin. Seeing my appearance at the foot of the tent they explained that Mup had taken fever and medicine would be needed or the fate of the warrior would surly end in death. It was quickly decided that Kaidree would ride to Cloverdale, a small village to the east. I, determined to show my worth to the group, pleaded to accompany Kaidree to Cloverdale.

We took the wagons steed and set out immediately for Cloverdale, while not at dead sprint we did not stray from the destination. Arriving at the west gate of Cloverdale just before dawn we were brought before the guard and questioned. This seemed to be the standard practice of this village for anyone who desired entrance. Again, I found myself in a situation I was ill prepared for and soon was locked in a battle of words as I attempted to free myself for the ever growing lie that was my true self. While the battle end with us relieved of our arms, we gained entrance into the village.

Once inside Kaidree took the lead and I was lead towards a grand white structure that seemed to reach up towards the sky. A site that captivated my gaze till I was force into the grand building by the steady hand of Kaidree. Inside my eyes were met with colors and sounds that gave off a sense of overwhelming rapture. It was hard to feel any worry or doubt in the presence of such bliss. As we approach one of the many sides to the building Kaidree began to prostrate and motioned that I join her. After may minutes of this seemingly torturous our efforts were rewarded by the soft hand on my shoulder. As my eyes lifted upward, I found myself facing such a beautiful being in all white robes who offers us kind words. This white priest of the one called Zelmaxsis brought forth a vile of blue liquid which I took to be the cure. This however was not before I was force to re leave a hundred gold coins as payment.

With cure in hand I exited from the church ready to depart awaiting Kaidree. But she informed me that she had other business within the walls of Cloverdale. Wishing not to slow her down any further I agreed to meet back here later this day and we parted ways.

The village was fascinating. Never before had I heard or seen such sights and sounds far different from the tranquil wilds of the grassland and forests that surround. As I walked about I noticed a small boy in a alley way being confronted by the city guard. I did not necessarily find this a miss at first. It was not till the gleam of an amber crystal flashed in the boys had that I locked on the boy. I approached the alleyway in hopes to talk to the boy about the crystal but remembering how sensitive the guard were to my words I felt it was necessary to keep the guard out of this conversation. While moving through the crowd I found myself tripping and stumbling into the alley. This unneeded commotion was noticed by the guard and you soon approached me with questions. My unintended distraction was all the child need to slip into a small crack in the wall and flee.

It took many hours of searching to locate the boy, but finally I was able to track him down to a small inn within the village. As I confronted the boy, I came to find that he had been caring for his bedridden mother by any means he could. Through a quick examination of the mother I determined that she had a week or two at best. Saddened by this turn of events and not willing to let the only lead to my past slip through my fingers I questioned the boy about the amber crystal he carried. Though the stubborn boy would not yield the information. As a small token of my good intentions I made a deal with the boy that for the information I would get a cure from the church for his mother.

Having given my word to the boy, I took off to find Kaidree near the temple. It was here that I explained my turn of events and not wishing to delay her longer, heeded her to return to Mup with the cure while I finished up here. Though with a reluctant look she departed for the wagon to the west. It was later that I realized I had forgot the cure cost a donation of one hundred coins but she was already beyond reach…



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