The Saviors

The Saviors are the seven gods of humanity. Worshiped by virtually all humans, the authority of the Church is absolute and spreads across most of the surface of Agerrin. The Church of the Saviors regulate and govern most aspects of daily life, and in most areas the government and the Church are synonymous. Even the military and naval forces are under their control.

The Saviors represent a tight-knit pantheon—one believes in all of the Seven, or none of them—although most followers have one Savior they keep as a patron deity. Usually these are chosen based on the follower’s profession, but they are sometimes familial.

The Seven Saviors

Deity AL Title Areas of Concern Domains Favored Weapon
Nemesis N Lord of Retribution herecy, apostacy, battle Destruction, Strength, War longsword
Zarya CN Lord of Beauty art, beauty, love, music Chaos, Luck, Sun rapier
Jarlo N Lord of Bounty farming, hunting, nature, weather Animal, Earth, Plant heavy crossbow
Praxis LN Lord of Order justice, military, knowledge Air, Knowledge, Law halberd
Thanatos N Lady of Death death, magic, secrets Death, Protection, Magic morningstar
Zalmoxis NG Lady of Life birth, life, healing Healing, Plant, Water light mace
Neph N Lady of Industry contracts, merchants, travel Air, Fire, Travel shortspear

The First Testament of the Saviors tells of how the Saviors stopped the Great Cataclysm from spreading beyond the borders of the Old Kingdom. Little is known about them, but they are usually depicted as human in appearance.

The Church

The Church of the Saviors is perhaps the most powerful organization on the face of Agerrin. Their control is absolute and they exist everywhere. Most governmental officials are also clergy, and most cities and towns forgo a militia and are instead guarded by military orders belonging to the Church.

The Church of the Saviors is hierarchical and is composed of the individual churches that are dedicated to each Savior. This hierarchical structure means little crime occurs as the perpetrators are hunted by a central authority, but it is not without internal politics and friction.

If it’s not the blue-garbed Praxin constables patrolling the streets, or the troops of Nemesis’s Servitors marching through the country-side, then perhaps the most visible embodiment of the Church is the White Towers that sit at the center of most towns and each of the great cities. Called such because of the white gold spires that stretch up into the sky, looming over all the surrounding structures and visible for miles. At the base spires is a temple or cathedral, always open and ready to serve the needs of the adherents.

Religious Texts

This first religious text is the First Testament, which has its origins sometime shortly after the Great Cataclysm. Since then, three more Testaments have been published, although the First is still the most widely read. The Church distributes the Testaments without charge and it is generally expected that each family will have at least one copy of each in their home.

In addition to the Testaments each Savior has their own texts. Some are quite brief and topical, others lengthy, philosophical essays. These too are distributed to the public at no cost, although they tend to not carry the expectations of readership and ownership that the Testaments do.

The Saviors

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